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Always Your Best Friends!

Arcova Korean Lifestyle Stores dedicated to be consumers’ friend globally. We aim to forge a true friendship between consumers and manufacturers. Most of the business entities nowadays sell their products at a very high profit margin, thus causing the consumers to pay at a very high price. We tend to break this tradition by prioritizing our consumers first! Becoming consumers’ best friend is important to us, Arcova.

Quality Fashion and Affordable

Arcova emphasizes on 3 main core values: Quality, Fashion and Affordable Price. Arcova is proud to bring in quality goods from products designers all across the world and manufacture it in very large quantity so that Arcova manages to achieve its target by lowering the price before mass distributing to Arcova global stores. Price of Arcova products are starting from 1700 Won to 2000 Won.

Lifestyles Products

Featuring more than 10,000 SKU Items for Cosmetic, Personal Care, Electronics, Personal Items, Accessories, Fabrics Products, Stationary and Season Products.